is an independant artist. Mexican born and raised.
graduated with a Bachellor’s degree in Illustration in the uNITED STATES.
Has been doing freelance work since 2012, but is passionate about developing original content for her online store and brand. She loves having a variety of fun projects come to life AND RAISING THE CHALLENGE BAR SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN FOR HERSELF.

freelance work

As a freelancer Pepperonccini has collaborated with international brands and independant artists in the creation of mobile games, apparel, album covers, books and magazine illustrations.

For any freelance job please contact by email with DETAILED information regarding your project and budget.

  • 2018 collaborated with cartoon network to create an illustration of powerpuff girls for their 20th anniversary

  • 2018 illustrated cover art for moe shop´s album ‘moe moe’

  • 2016-2019 pepperonccini has been guest creator for OMOCAT’s halloween/fall collection

  • 2016 illustrated merchandise apparel for slime girls

  • 2013 character design illustration for mobile card game ‘リベンジオブドラグーン’ by developer union mobile

  • 2012 studio hard deluxE,INC collaborated with 2 Illustrations for ’クリエイターのためのファンタジー大事典’


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